Brookside Academy - Dedicated to the education and care of young children. Brookside Academy - Dedicated to the education and care of young children.
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Welcome To Brookside Academy

Brookside Academy, a privately owned, fully accredited pre-school Academy, is the reality & culmination of the efforts of many talented and dedicated people that are devoted to providing the absolute utmost in quality children's care, education & development. As a result, all programs established at Brookside Academy, whether at the infant level up to our one of a kind kindergarten readiness program, employ the very latest in educational research along with state of the art teaching techniques and technologies.

Hours of Operation - 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Brookside Academy - Sprayground Water Park & Beach
Recognizing that playtime is often as important as learning time, Brookside Academy's three separate age appropriate playgrounds are the result of years of research and trial and error to obtain the safest, most durable and most fun equipment available anywhere at any Academy. Brookside Academy's one of a kind "Sprayground Water Park & Beach" is destined to become the trendsetter in early learning center amenities. No detail was spared in designing and constructing the wettest, wildest, most fun place to be in all of Alpharetta!

Brookside Academy - Mindy, Mathew and Mallory
Our mission is to serve children, staff, families and communities, alike. Brookside Academy has made a firm commitment to provide positive, nurturing and enriched learning environments and experiences that foster cognitive, physical, social & emotional development in each child as an individual. Brookside Academy provides opportunities to our staff that promote personal and professional growth and development that further enhance their abilities and empowers them to bring necessary key experiences to the children's daily environment. Brookside Academy enables families to pursue careers and activities within our community that contribute to and enhance the healthy development of the family unit and the community as a whole. Brookside Academy is totally committed to developing the highest quality standards and establishing a guiding presence that positively impacts the early childhood care and education community.

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Brookside Academy - Dedicated to the Education and Care of Young Children